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In no other time in history has the innocence movement been so vital and effective in clearing the names of those wrongly convicted.
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Innocence Maintained has established “Aunt Bobbi’s House” as the official residence, now accepting newly released exonerees.

Aaron Salter has made it his mission to ensure that new exonerees have a place to go until they’re (back) on their feet. 

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Innocence Maintained Finishes 1st House

January 3, 2020: 1st House completed and ready for occupancy.


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Detroit Free Press – Detroit man freed from prison transforms house for ‘remarkable’ project

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Michigan Radio NPR – Wrongfully-convicted Detroit man freed after 15 years in prison

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National Registry of Exonerees – Aaron Salter – Wayne County, Michigan Exonerations

Detroit News – Wrongly convicted man released after nearly 15 years in prison

Wayne County – Prosecutor Worthy Dismisses Homicide Charges Against Aaron Salter


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