Beautiful tribute to your grandma whose wisdom and warmth has made you the man you are today.

Barbara Barksdale is Aaron‘s grandmother, she form whileAaron was in prison fighting his conviction. His grandmother visited him on multiple occasions but this one time he remembers more vividly than the rest when she taught him the lesson of becoming better! and not bitter,she taught him that bitterness only affects you, and it does not affect the other person, so when you forgive a person it’s not for them it’s for you! so Aaron took this lesson and applied it to his wrongful conviction. 

Most people whom have been through 15 years of slavery/Prison would have been consumed by bitterness. Aaron realized that he had to be healed from the inside out and because of this valuable lesson and how Aaron’s grandmother taught him how to be there for the downtrodden and mistreated, utilizing community resources to feed, cloth, and house these individuals while they got back on their feet.forgiviness has to come from the inside out and Aaron have decided to name his housing project after his grandmother named Bobbi house we are in need of assistance she was able to house and Mentor several people family friends and neighbors she taught Aaron a good lesson early on the value of unity for people who are going through hardship it is because of this lesson that Aaron provides services to the men and women whom have been wrongfully convicted and served time unjustly and are in desperate need of guidance this house will serve as a temporary shelter for them and they will share this 3 bedroom house and use it as an safe haven for Exoneree‘s they may have been exploited taken advantage of and mistreated this program will act as an bridge Until compensation is received or Exoneree is able to function on their own.Paying bills working social media and connecting with family members that may be supportive to reacclaimation I will do this by providing three rooms 43 Exonoree Alex these roads will include one TV one dresser One Deas in a bit I am design Ariz will share one shower Innocencemaintained will run their nonprofit organization out of this house servicing these three Exoneree‘s with counseling and relationship therapy financial literacy computer literacy innocencemaintained will also provide transportation to jobs or training centers whichever they decide they are free to choose.

Innocencemaintained business hours will be from 9 to 5 there will be a 24 hour security guard in the house to protect Exonerees from unwanted guest visitors, or solicitors inside of the office there will be One intake specialist one psychologist one social worker one administration assistant and one administrative supervisor the supervisor job is to make sure that the house is running properly and the needs of Exonorees are met. The social worker will make sure Exoneree‘s have Medicare birth certificate Social Security card or anything a person may need to gain proper identification the psychologist will act as an ear to the exoneree and helping them to Adjust mentally and one intake specialist which will handle all I takes and forms that are needed to be filed by the Exonoree.

The administration assistant will make sure payroll house needs are met financially.